About Us


Our Story


The South Florida Contenders was formed in 2001 as a non-profit softball travel team organization to give players a chance to compete at a more advanced level. The original teams were 12U and 14U. Now softball is 8u and up. 
In 2002, the baseball side of the Contenders was established. It began with a single 12U team and now more than ten years later has 6U-18u. In much the same way as softball, baseball aims to give players a more instructional and competitive environment then basic rec-ball.
Overall, the Contenders' philosophy is to build our teams through dedicated, hard-working families. We strive to nurture the whole child; not just baseball talent, but school-work, respect and character are important lessons taught through baseball. We love to win, but are not a win at all costs program! 


Where we play

Our baseball teams practice at Deerwood Park located at 14445 SW 122nd Avenue; near the drivers license bureau.  They typically play in the MYBA league at Grapeland Park and in the PBSA league at Lakes by the B ay Park. We also attend tournaments such as Ripken in Pigeon Forge TN, Cocoa Beach FL., Cooperstown NY. and other local tournaments in Miami. 

Our softball teams practice at Palmetto Bay Park and Lakes by the Bay Park. They typically participate in leagues there as well and attend many USSSA tournaments in Broward, Palm Beach and all over Florida.